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Why Choose Castle School?

A school like no other, I am so glad we found it. Castle School has made a huge positive impact on my children.

The school provides an innovative, caring, environment where my children are encouraged to work and play hard to achieve fantastic results, with a strong emphasis on community, team work and belonging.

The teachers are a team of skilled, approachable, individuals who tailor education to each child and offer a broad curriculum and get amazing results. Nothing is too much trouble in this incredible school.

Mrs D, Cardigan, Ceredigion

Our son joined in year 7 after briefly attending the local comprehensive school.  He had a trial day, loved the school and hasn't looked back.

The atmosphere in the classroom is excellent.  Time is not wasted in dealing with poor behaviour and pupils don't feel intimidated when asking for additional explanations.  

A highlight of the week is 'outdoor school' when pupils apply subjects, (maths, geography etc.) to outdoor projects.  Team work and analysis seem to be major elements of their learning experience (together with mud!)

Castle School has a really positive, open-minded and refreshing approach to education and we are delighted to have found this gem of a school. 

Mrs G, Cosheston, Pembrokeshire

A happy place.  Good teaching from friendly, helpful teachers and a principal with a can-do and adaptable attitude.

Outdoor school, small class sizes, an emphasis on literacy and core subjects, spoken Welsh and Spanish, art and creativity are all on offer.

Pupils smile and are confident.  There is great pastoral care, an inclusive ethos, and ‘big school’ on site for easy transition to secondary education.  

A determination from staff for each child to achieve his or her potential.  

These are just some of the reasons we love the Castle Prep School.  Most importantly our three children love it and thrive there.

Mr and Mrs B, Ferryside, Carmarthenshire

Previously an intelligent, articulate and responsive student, our daughter had become utterly disengaged from education since starting secondary school.

Her levels had plummeted and she considered herself incapable of doing any better. Since joining Castle School in Year 8 we have seen a marked improvement in her levels of attainment but most importantly, in her engagement in class.

Castle School and its teachers have reignited in her a desire to learn at this key stage and so she is better able to make choices about her future, which now looks very bright indeed. 

Mrs B, Tenby, Pembrokeshire

What most impresses me about the school is how every staff member is so caring, committed and dedicated to each and every pupil. Not only do they deliver academically, but the emphasis they place on the social and emotional development of pupils is fantastic.

My eldest child has left not only with a great set of results, but both she and her younger sister have developed skills such as communication, problem solving, teamwork and resilience that will serve them well in their future.

If you want the best for your child on every level, this is the place for you.

Ms H, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire

I really enjoyed my time at Castle School. I learned many life skills and work skills that I still use. I have used all the interview skills I was taught. The school also helped me to achieve the grades I wanted because of the support I received. The friends that I made at Castle School will be friends for life.

Scott B, Class of 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Castle School. The teaching methods were amazing as the one-to-one time with the teachers was incredibly beneficial and helped me to do very well. There is a lovely atmosphere in this school.

Ben S, Class of 2014

During my time at Castle School I learnt so much. The education was outstanding, with small class sizes so that all pupils get equal attention, and quality teachers who work hard to get you the best grades possible, and there was a fantastic rapport between teachers and pupils. It was amazing to see Yr 7s and Yr 11s chatting or playing football together at break times, which you never see in any other school!

I have learned so many invaluable life lessons, from the school trips, where you learn so much about each other, to lessons where you gain real life skills. I am so grateful for studying at Castle School as I believe I got so much more than I would have had at another school.  

I would strongly recommend Castle School to any child who wants to develop into an open minded, determined and out-going individual with great grades and life skills.

Maya H, Class of 2017

I was at the secondary school for seven years.  I did really well with my GCSEs and got to study a wide choice of subjects. I ended up taking Science A levels and now have a place to read Physics at Warwick University.

All this is really important and has obviously set me up for my future  but one of the best things about Castle School is that we all got to be ourselves and didn’t feel that we were under pressure to be like everybody else.   We all respected and supported each other and didn’t try to change anyone.  

Joe D, Class of 2015

And here’s what was said in our most recent Estyn report:

“The school is a fully inclusive, close-knit community where all pupils are valued and respected. There is a strong caring ethos and supportive atmosphere in the school where pupils’ individual abilities are recognised and nurtured. Staff promote respect for diversity well and ensure that all pupils have equal access to every aspect of school life.”

 “Staff know their pupils extremely well and they use this knowledge successfully to provide valuable guidance and support.”

“There is a particularly strong partnership with parents who are very supportive of the school’s work. They are encouraged to take part in the life of the school.  They value the accessibility of the principal and the prompt responses they receive if they have a particular concern and appreciate being consulted on proposed developments.”

“Pupils joining the school settle quickly and feel welcome.”

“Teachers have secure subject knowledge, which they use well to set clear objectives and plan activities that build on pupils’ previous learning well. This helps pupils to develop their knowledge securely and apply their understanding to new situations and different contexts with increasing confidence. These lessons are well paced and teachers challenge pupils to achieve high standards. As a result, pupils make good progress.”

“Pupils’ performance in the separate subjects of English, mathematics and science at level 2 is about 25 percentage points higher than the national average. Level 2 results in many of the non-core subjects are also well above national averages. Overall, these are strong outcomes.”

“Pupils develop a sound awareness of their own strengths through the school’s independent learning lessons and life skills programme. These lessons prepare pupils particularly well for life and work outside school.”

If you would like to speak with a parent who has children at the school, we can put you in touch with someone who would be happy to talk with you about their experience at Castle School.  Please contact the office, where we will be able to provide you with contact details.  

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